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Singapore Sling Review

Synopsis From IMDB: A man searching for his long-lost lover is kidnapped by her killers, an insane, mother-daughter duo, and they force him to commit various sexual atrocities with them.

Impressions: Wow, cover of course makes claims of sickest and most disturbing films you will ever see but frankly, how many times have we heard that and been sadly disappointed. My initial instinct which is likely not fair, is that this is going to be very similar to another greek shock film, Island of Death, and given the sexual nature may not be far off. So since I actually liked Island of Death, this should be at least a fun ride. I am doubting the claims of how extreme and violent this is
but maybe pleasantly surprised.
Result: wow 5 mins are missing from my bootleg…bad copy..and it was the opening gore and murder scene. Shot in black and white with the film noir feel, the gore scenes were very thorough and graphic
somewhat overkill maybe. Actually you could say that will the whole movie…It is very clear this film makes no effort in taking itself seriously and it is a good thing. I will not post any spoilers, but themes this movies covers include, incest, S & M, body fluid fetishes, deception and murder, they all come off just really alright. There is a lot that would shock the average viewer, but any hardcore cinema fan would not be shocked too much. All and all it was alright.

Violence: XXX Out of 5
Gore: -> -> -> Out of 5
Nudity: (.)(.)(.)(.)(.)(.)(.)(.) Out of 5
Entertainment value : 7.5 Out of 10
Trailer below – was uploaded to youtube by cityisburning.


2 responses to “Singapore Sling Review

  1. LOL785 ⋅

    Is that chick getting buttfucked by a guy in a mummy costume?
    How did this get past the film censors at the time?

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