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Revenge of the Living Dead Girls Review


The cover art for my copy


The far superior artwork for the Redemption release

Synopsis From IMDB:
Oddly none…Strange enough.
But lets go from
Promoted as France’s first gore film, Revenge of the Living Dead Girls (La revanche des mortes-vivantes) is a consumate shocker of horror and sex that as grown into a legend as being one of the sickest and most perverse of zombie films.

Well this really sounds like a must see. I have heard from various people how graphic this is and there a scene involving a lesbian zombie orgy and a sword that cannot be believed. This was apparently inspired by Jean Rollins semi-classic, The Living Dead Girl, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I am expecting a bloody, sex filled roller coaster ride of carnagey goodness. Also of note is the trouble I had getting this, I ordered it from on August 8th- I had a gift card – and as of December 15th they still could not find a copy. Luckily I found a private seller in the market place whom was able to get me my copy for same price but only took 4 weeks. This had better be good.

Results :
As with most things in life in general- i’m looking at you sex and booze and weed- this is sorely overrated. Sure it looked decent and the story was okay- make sure to watch the alternate ending to make a little more sense of it- but this is not as graphic as it is made ou tto be. Sure there is a slight ick factor in a scene involving a pregnant woman in a shower, that very slightly reminded me of the baby scene from Anthropophagus, but most of this has been done before or just came off looking not so great. A cool eye stabbing scene was included but the infamous sword scene was really kind of lame and looked really fake. Sure it was innovative I suppose but not well executed. It was entertaining for the most part, If you love B movies then this should be a good fit.

A few moments from the film posted on Youtube by Frol83.

Violence: XXX.5 Out of 5
Gore: -> -> ->.5 Out of 5
Nudity: (.)(.)(.)(.)(.)(.)(.)(.)(.)(.) Out of 5
Entertainment value : 8 out of Ten


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