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The General Audience trailer, posted to Youtube by user MaDigital

First off, I must confess some slightly vital information, before I get into this review. There maybe some bias of sorts to this film on my part, as I am big fan of Rotten Cotton, I love their shirt designs, they have picked up some great licences, and like the site’s general attitude and counter-culture feel. So maybe this could cause some lienence on my part to this movie.

Second off, If you do choose to buy this film, buy it from Rotten Cotton themselves. The vendors on Ebay are selling it at an atrocious $19.99+ shipping, when they sell it themselves for a decent $12.99+ shipping and included a soundtrack CD and some awesome stickers.

Well enough of that, lets move on to the main focus. Black Devil Doll was inspired by Chester N Turner’s infamous 1984 debut film, Black Devil Doll from Hell. It was essentially about an unattractive, single and virginal, bible thumping, god fearing woman and how she was corrupted and then became obsessed with her first and only lover, a nubian, possessed and vulgar doll, whom convinces her, to allow him to violate her in various means. I found this film online, it is on youtube, will link it below, but really, it’s not worth checking out, it is pretty bland and non-eventful, luckily is only 70 minutes. So the potential for a remake or something inspired by it, seemed pretty bleak.

Rotten Cotton, well the Lewis Brothers, that operate it, created the Black Devil Doll in 2008, I believe, since then it has been in the higher levels of my must see list. But I always forgot it, or found a higher listed item or something new, and passed it by for several years. The Black Devil Doll does share the same name as it’s slightly intended source and a basic element of the plot is similar but it takes thing to a much more graphic level. There are silicone boobs, splatter effects, racial and shit jokes galore. It has some comical moments, no doubt, but I found the shit jokes, inparticular, to take away from it. It just came across as immature, in and Ren and Stimpy kind of way. There is a lot of female flesh on display here, a car wash scene, in particular, had some great T&A shots, but was a little overlong and my attention started to wane. Heather Murphy was decent as the lead and definitely has an awesome body, the doll himself is great. The violence suffers a bit from a lower budget but was entertaining enough and the ladies themselves were so annoying at times, that you were cheering on for the doll to kill them, so was a great payout. Much like it’s inspiration, this film is pretty short too, around the 75 minutes or some mark, I believe. With a bigger budget this could have been a cult classic no doubt, but still in the end was likeable, offensive to the masses, gory, comical and a fun watch. There are hints at a sequel, with a $100K budget, would be awesome I bet.

Pros: A lot of T & A, fairly creative kill scenes and the doll was very likeable in a dark kind of way. The added on, during credits scenes were great. The shipping was incredibly fast on the DVD and the extras were a great touch. The outfit’s the ladies in were cliched but in a good way. Far better than it’s inspiration.

Cons: Suffers a bit from lower budget, not it’s fault really, The shit jokes were lame, and the car wash scene dragged on. Some of the ladies were not so appealing on the eyes, too much plastic and make up for my liking, but that is a personal preference.

Grading: B+ (78%)
Great effort from a 1st time director and production company, would love to see more, with a larger budget and would support a sequel, no doubt about it.

Black Devil Doll From Hell- Full movie link

Video posted by youtube user cmongler5858

Black Devil Doll from Hell IMDB


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