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Garden of The Dead – 31 movies in 31 days #1


Watch free on Troma’s Youtube channel here:

video uploaded to youtube by Troma Entertainment.

Well I strive to do 31 horror movies in 31 days, trying to keep them obscure, so not ripping off or copying any. I have a list of horror to watch, which spans around 400+ titles at the moment and all 31 will be randomly selected. That being said, Garden of the Dead drew # 1.

I have been a troma fan since the early 1990s, but have all but forgotten about them in recent years and moved on to more graphic and more obscure titles. That being said however, I was elated to discover that Troma has released a fair bit of their catalogue for free viewing on youtube, even commercial free. Check it out, there are some great titles on there, around 200 in total at time of writing, and there very likely will be a few more on this blog soon.

Now to get on with this, Garden of the Dead, was shot in 1972, and released in 1974, It’s a pretty generic living dead kind of movie, trying to be similar to Night of the Living Dead and failing horribly. The story is kind of strange, some inmates at an isolated prison camp, during what is to be it’s final days, are planning an escape. Before this tho, they indulge in some high level formaldehyde fume inhaling to get wasted. They actually use a water trough as a make shift bong for it. Wow, that’s dumb already. The prison camp is heavily stocked with this formaldehyde apparently and inexplicably, and apparently has some unrealistic results later on. So the inmates break out, are caught in mere seconds and mass executed for some unknown reason, at the warden’s orders, and buried in an apparent garden near the camp. But what warden brilliance there did not know, was that they were inhaling the magical formaldehyde which brings them back to life and causes some zombie related carnage….

Well, this movie was horrid. It looked bad, had some sound issues, the zombie/living dead/formaldetards, alternate from being able to speak, to then only making groaning and growling noises. There is basically no blood and gore at all, and often kill scenes are off screen or badly done. Several times, the dead are killing people by swinging pick axes above, beside or just tapping people in order to kill them. The method of killing them changes over and over, some times guns work, some times spotlights cause them to foam at the mouth with alkaseltzer tablets and die. Oh and the best part, they are frozen on the spot at the sight of a woman’s cleavage, although before that they were unaffected and tried to kill her. This movie changes plot points on a minutely basis.

Thankfully tho, was very short, and there definitely are worse films than this, hopefully this is my one bad choice this month.

Rating: D(55%)
There are far worse films, but this was just above unwatchable.

Pros: Attractive lead actress, short run time, and is now owned and released by troma, thankfully I did not pay $25 for this on DVD when I had the chance at a local video store.

Cons: bad zombie makeup, FORMALDEHYDE DOESN’T WORK THAT WAY, violence was badly choreographed, stupid characters.

Wow what a start, hopefully this is the low point of my Horrorfest.

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