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Igor and the Lunatics – 31 Days of Horror # 2


Full movie posted by Troma entertainment on Youtube

This is a movie that I have wanted to see for a long ass time, but very often something stops me, I find a better title or it’s over priced or had been off put by a bad review, but being free once again, on Troma’s awesome Youtube channel, how could I pass it up?

This movie reminded me a bit of Snuff and a little bit of I Drink Your Blood, for the 1st few minutes. It starts off as a Hippie-ploitation kind of film, the stereotypical commune that quickly becomes a murderous cult. It opens with an industrial saw killing, that it re-shows two more times in first 15 minutes or so, for very little reason. Then the commune is busted by the cops, and it flashes forward to the 1980s, when they are released from prison. Igor, the titular character, is oddly not the main villian, but a side kick to the Manson wannabe Paul. Igor was entertaining to me but a lot of people found him abrasive, he is over the top in his cackling, laughing lunacy, but I admire the sadistic nature of him. There are 2 creative kills and some real amateurish gore effects, the plot is barely existent, and it’s got a lot of bad in a good way moments. The ending makes no sense at all, I will not spoil it but what happens is really not possible.

All in all, flawed as hell, but highly entertaining, in a brainless way, would be a good weed or booze with a group movie.

Rating: B- (73%)

Pros: 2 creative kill scenes, some nice nudity in 2 places, I liked the Igor character.

Cons: Ending did not really make sense, did not fit film, was a set up for a potential sequel, amateurish gore, some parts dragged.


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