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Dark Night of the Scarecrow 31 Days # 3

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Made for Tv horror frightens me, in the way that it is normally even more watered down than the dreadful PG 13 shit we are saturated with in the post Scream era of horror. Every once in awhile though, there is a rare gem that almost makes up for all the fucktacular messes that are shoved on us.

Dark Night of The Scarecrow is one of those. It shows the story of a mentally challenged Bubba, played by Dr fucking Giggles himself, Larry Drake, whom is wrongly accused of murdering a little girl, and killed by an evil Mailman and his co-horts, played nicely over the top by Charles Durning of Rocky Horror fame, of course the courts acquitted the vigilantes on the lack of evidence and self defense claims. So justice is left up to an unseen force and happens in some fairly intense accidents, well for a TV movie anyways. Durning is great as a sadistic, self serving and delightfully evil Mailman, the character is seriously in his uniform the ENTIRE FILM, because apparently mail uniforms are appropriate attire for such everyday chores as elderly lady murder and arson and of course, exhuming corpses. There is a killdozer cameo, ok not really but during a scene in the climax was a similar looking scene that had me damn near on the floor- Damn Phelous episode. Anyways, in the end I really liked this film and had been recommended by several people over the years and I can see why, this was one of the best TV horror I have ever seen, some gore would have been a nice touch, but really is not needed for once in this case.

Rating: B+ (77%)

Pros: Charles Durning’s Character was great, some great atmosphere, a good ending, some great atmosphere, the climatic scene setting was awesomely fall oriented.

Cons: could use some gore, but due to TV restraints can’t of course, not really much negative here.


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