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Tourist Trap Review – 31 Days of Movies # 4


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Another film I have been putting off along ass time, was another of those highly recommended films on Horror lists, reviews and sites. Again though, I found this disappointing, while by no means bad, just over hyped, I had similar issues with The Burning and Maniac, which I may give another chance, maybe I was just in a bad mood for those two.

Moving along, Tourist Trap is an atypical horror movie in it’s theme. People break down on a highway and then go somewhere they have no business being, with predictably disastrous results. There is not a lot of new here. Tanya Roberts looks absolutely stunning in this, and there is a scene that teases some breast viewage, but never pans out. The only major difference from the regular slasher fare, is the creepy ass animatronic mannequins and an unusual ability of the antagonist. There is very little gore here, the opening kill is decent and got my hopes up, but disappoints from then on. In the end, there is a very predictable twist, the film looks pretty good and has some cool scenery and sets, but was really underwhelming.

A merely decent movie at best, not anywhere near bad, and sure I can
see how people like this, but this was not to my taste.

Rating: B-(71%)

Pros: cool 1st kill scene, the antagonists revealed ability had potential, loved the scenery and sets, and the mannequins are very creepy

Cons: Very little violence and gore, is often long gaps between anything of interest, messes up a very cool idea with the ability, some nonsensical character actions.

Man, so far this 31 day film trip is one of mediocre at best, these random picks are killing me here. Hopefully on to better things tomorrow.

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