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De/The Lift – 31 in 31 Days # 5

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In keeping with my theme of obscure horror, I had actually found something I have never heard of and never seen on any other site or blog or what have you. De Lift aka: The Lift is a Dutch horror from 1983. I’m not a huge fan of Euro Horror in general, often is flat out boring or all been done be before, so was very leary of this one. It turned out to be rightly so.

The Lift has an odd concept, a series of accidents in a new, high tech elevator system, has resulted in a series of deaths and it follows a reporter for a low end paper, and a elevator mechanic, attempting to solve why these keep happening. The Lift, was actually struck by lightning which alters it’s apparently reproducing microchips, causing it to become sentient and have a need to kill stupid people in lame ass ways. The story is dull, all but one murder, occur off screen, the one that does get shown, has a very clearly rubber head being ripped off a dummy body. The characters are boring and the dubbing is a little strange, but the real odd thing here is that every minute or 2, a character is saying lift, it’s almost to the level of Sparta in 300. Sure would make for a great drinking game, but it became annoying. The end is silly, and predictable, there is no pay off here. Strangely this was actually remade in the early 2000s, no damn clue why.

Rating: D+(58%)

Pros: ummm there’s a lift, one gore scene, granted is badly done, doesn’t drag too badly.

Cons: Stupid plot, does not show majority of violence, annoying amount of use of the word lift.

So far this project has yet to pay off, been ranging from bad to just above mediocre, I need a decent film.

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