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Evil Ed – 31 in 31 Days #6


Posted to youtube by user Bendkraft

So far this journey has been disappointing, and randomly generating choices from a long list, has not panned out for me. So I decided to influence things a bit and choose something I personally have wanted to see for a long time. So here’s Evil Ed from 1995.

Evil Ed is very inspired by Evil Dead 2. It even names a main character after Sam Rami and Bruce Campbell. It is almost an hommage. It has some of the same camera style, although for no real reason, the over the top black humour and some fun gore. But it kind of suffers from said humour, which is mostly bad puns or references, not jokes. The general idea of this movie, is that a meek and weak willed, film editor, is forced to edit 8 graphic films, in an atypical slasher franchise and they warp his mind and make him act them out. There is a fair bit of alright looking gore, it’s well paced and the deranged version of ok..Evil Ed, is fun to watch, he’s so over the top evil. The movies within the movies are way over the top, almost Troma level, and I would have loved to have seen more of them. This has a very satisfying and comical ending.

All in all, this was not the movie that saved this project, but it is definitely a step up, It was a fun watch.

Rating B+ (79%)

Pros: good gore scenes, done fairly well. great ending, has a Bill Moseley voice cameo, well paced.

Cons: some really bad puns, tries to much to be Evil Dead 2, needed more of the movies within movies…c’mon I wanted to see the often mentioned beaver raping a woman scene that climaxed with a bazooka beheading.


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