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I like Troma a lot, so when I saw the trailer for Poultrygeist years back, it became a must see. After forgetting about it for a very long time, I found it posted on the awesome Troma youtube account.

Poultrygeist is a love story of sorts about Arby, whom has lost his highschool girlfriend to a butchy, hairy, angry, feminazi. So in retaliation to this, he takes a job at the American Chicken Bunker franchise, that Wendy and her new lesbian flame, are protesting. The chicken place was built on a Native American burial ground. This new place disturbs the spirits of the natives there buried, and they team up with the spirits of another oppressed and massacred group – the chickens, and mayhem ensues.

The first 3/4s of this movie are pretty standard Troma fare, shit jokes, sex jokes, racial jokes, vomiting, shitting and some really overblown and over long musical moments. There is a Ron Jeremy cameo, Micheal Hertz was pretty funny as Jared, a lot of fast food parodies, all characters are named or inspired by a major chain or character of those chains. It drags a bit in the middle, but the last 30 minutes or so were very good. Then came in a lot of gore, some decent and often comical violence and the pacing issue completely faded. In the end, this was no different from any other Troma made feature, but I guess for me, this formula has gotten a bit old.

Rating: C(65%)

Pros: last 30mins of this are really good, mindless fun. Lead actress Kate Graham is really damn cute and barely stays clothed for more than 5 minutes in a row in the 1st half hour or so, the gore effects are pretty damn good, Lloyd Kaufman was great in this, and seemed to be having a great time being in it.

Cons: The shit jokes are juvenile, the musical numbers are lame and over long, the middle 1/3 of this movie really drags.

Still awaiting for something to blow me away on this embarkment, maybe it’s time to watch something from my own collection, I have about 75 unwatched horror titles on DVD, including a 50 pack of millcreek releases.


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