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Stage Fright – 31 Days # 8



Uploaded to youtube by user SeveredSurvival

In an attempt to find something that wowed me during this or at least was above mediocre, I took this on recommendation after an episode of RadioDrome, Brad Jones had spoken of his love for it, so I figured should be great. Once again, however, I found a film someone with similar taste recommends, as merely alright.

Stage Fright, aka Deliria aka Stage Fright: Aquarius, is an Italian horror from 1987, and is about an owl masked killer stalking the rehearsal of a play. This is pretty standard story wise, escaped mental patient kills off random characters, there is not much new here. There are knife kills, a chainsaw, axe and various other implements. Some of the scenes are great, the 1st stabbing and the chainsaw scene being among the best, but are also some random off screen kills. Storywise, was lacking, was not a torture porn by any means, but really had a weak story line and some bad pacing issues.

Rating C (65%)

Pros: some good gore scenes, the sound track was effective.

Cons: drags a bit in the middle, the owl mask the killer uses is silly and hard to take serious, some hollow characters and not much of a plot.

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