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Drive In Massacre : 31 Days # 9



Posted by youtube user: h3dpictures

So I cheated and re-watched something from my personal collection, that I had seen previously, but had mostly forgotten. Drive In Massacre seems to be universally hated, but personally, I revel in it’s badness.

The plot is pretty standard fare, someone is murdering the patrons of a drive in theatre, using a selection of swords, there are decapitations and dismemberment, standard slasher fare. I think what elevates this for me, is the setting, the drive in itself and then the carnival at night scenes, bring back a wide sense of nostalgia for me. I so miss the lights, sights and smells of both and this invokes them. Sure, it has some plot holes, and lags a little towards the end. But this is a fun movie in a mindless way.

Rating: A- (81%)

Pros: Some good gore effects, good setting, is relatively cheap to buy, mine came in a 50 pack of mill creek buy ups.

Cons: Some bad lighting, some pacing issues


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