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Blood Shack – 31 Days # 10



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Ten days in and I am regretting this so far, for the most point. Luckily have been broke til Friday coming, and am on holidays til the 25th, so have a fair bit of extra time to kill, so as bad as they are, they waste time well. Been also Netflixing the snd season of walking dead, but that’s another story.

In keeping with the idea and integrity of this, I have tried to watch things I have never seen nor heard of, or at least know little about, so I am unbiased. So I have been avoiding personal collection and been utilizing digital media for my pics, and of course so far has been a disaster largely, with youtube and the horrid mess that is Netflix Canada. So I went to another source, Crackle, on Xbox live.

Blood Shack was made in 1971 but not released until 1977. It covers the legend of the stupidly named, Chooper, whom kills everyone that enters this old house in the desert. That’s about the whole plot or lack there of. A woman inherits the death house and murders ensue. Wow this was bad, worst one so far, during this 10 day affair. The killer/ Chooper, is a guy in black body suit and hood, that ummm kills, well touches characters with a clearly plastic sword, looks like the kind the dollaramas sell in the kids toy section, and this causes red lines on them, from stage blood on other side of it. There is not a lot going on, the twist, is so obvious, and there are two very long scenes of Rodeo stock footage. The dialogue is stupid at best, and it ends abruptly, after hinting at a possible shock ending. This film was dull as can be, and really had no redeeming qualities, was not even bad in the so bad it’s good sense.

Rating F (48%)

Pros: was free on crackle, made me change my mind, since I was gonna watch Incredibly Mixed Up Creatures the next day but realized was from same writer and director and made earlier, so helped me dodge a bullet. The KFC commercials crackle adds every 15 minutes or so were better than the film.

Cons: Boring, bad effects, stupid story, major plot holes, predictable as hell ending, lame rodeo stock footage in 2 different parts.


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