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Sick Nurses – 31 Days # 11



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11 Days in and I once more went into my fairly large DVD collection, for something I have never seen, there are quite a few, I also discovered a still wrapped 3 Extremes 2, that I bought last year and completely forgot about. Melissa and I have found out, that I have 75+ titles I have never seen and bought mindlessly on Amazon or Ebay and forgot about completely. This title, Sick Nurses, I bought 2 years ago and same thing. So I am now allowing a few of my collection to be on this venture, which is fine since this is an extreme horror sight, in it’s intentions and this 31 Days project so far, has been non canon. I also am no longer putting a limit on the dates of reviewed films for the duration of this, but will avoid studio and wide releases still.

Sick Nurses, made in Thailand, is a strange little film. Part ghost story, part slasher and part revenge film, it follows a group of six nurses and their supervising doctor, that are indulging in body harvesting. It opens with them murdering one of their own, and then a ghost appears and beings to slaughter them off one by one. This film has some great kill scenes, very creative and was really well shot. But that being said, the first 30 minutes kind of drag. Then it gets going and pays off in a big and great way. I don’t want to spoil any of this, I completely recommend it. There is also a twist at the end, that leads to a very creepy ending moment. Go see this, I will not give anymore away.

Rating: A(85%)

Pros: Creative kill scenes, attractive Asian ladies, intriguing plot, creepy ending scene.

Cons: Does drag for first 30 minutes, one of the nurses has a shower in her full clothing(who does that)- ok I get it’s a cultural thing but still-, some oddly dubbed voices. 2 bad CGI effects.


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