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Stag Night – 31 Days # 13



Posted by Youtube user Celpaso

Wow thirteen days in already. Will this film be a lucky 13 maybe?

I went DVD hunting a bit yesterday at Giant Tiger and then the Zellers closing sale, and picked up a shit load of $2.99 bin horror, a lot of the Ghosthouse releases from Maple/Lionsgate. Stag Night was one of these. I should have read the case before I got this.

Stag Night, follows well, a stag night, when 4 guys are kicked out of a sketchy strip club, they take the New York subway home and after harassing a female patron, they end up pepper sprayed and trapped at an abandoned station, that so happens to be inhabited by Rob Zombie and Wrong turn hybrids, well not really but appearance wise. I knew trouble was brewing for this movie, when Breckin Myer was listed in the cast at the beginning credits, I let out a groan of horror. Yes this was bad, real bad. But Breckin did not have anything really to do with the bad. This could have been alright, but every single damn time any action sequence or kill scene started, the camera man seems to have got selective Parkinsons disease. I even yelled that at the TV during the film and oddly an IMDB comment also had the same thing in it. This stupid effect, I guess you could call it, makes this movie unwatchable and if I had not paid for it, I would have turned it off at second occurance, but oh no it keeps fucking going on. It makes it impossible to see what is going on, is nauseating and feels like a cop out. This film does not warrant anymore attention, it would be more effort than was put into this pile.

Rating: F(34%)

Pros: thankfully was only $2.67 + tax, really that’s it.

Cons: horrid camera work, typical stupid horror characters, was basically Wrong Turn in the Subway.


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