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The Collector : 31 Days # 15


Posted to youtube by user James Kearney

The Collector was another recommendation on various horror lists and some networks of mine, and since is on Netflix Canada right now, why not?

The Collector follows an alarm specialist, whom installs top of the line security systems and when he falls behind on a debt to his ex wife, decides to use his knowledge to steal from a customer, but is also met by a masked killer that has laid out intricate traps and is murdering the property owners.

A major issue I had with this movie, once again, which is a theme from this project is pacing. The first 30 minutes are barely eventful and boring as hell. Once the killer is introduced and the traps are in motion, there are some very cool scenes, but also a lot of overblown, over long sequences. This was another ok at best. Not terrible but mediocre at best. A cool trap, involving some well placed bear traps, was great sequence but really about it.
There is a sequel on the way in the next year..yay…

Rating:B (75%)

Pros: some good kill scenes, very graphic

Cons: dull opening, not likeable characters, cliched.

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