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The Poughkeepsie Tapes: 31 Days # 14



Uploaded to Youtube by User PoughkeepsieTapes

Almost halfway in and I have compromised my rules again by no longer adhering to the nothing after 1994 rule. I wanted to see this film for along time, the trailer was on the Mist at the theatre, but it never got released for years on end. Going through films on youtube, I found this.

Well, I am glad I never bought this or paid for it, this was so damn boring. A lot of the quote found footage, has little to nothing going on it, and those that do, are just bland or cliched. There is one scene, involving some finger umm blades that was alright but nothing more. Getting mad at this or any emotion is only enabling this. This is the cinematic representation of apathy, and blandness.

Rating: D(55%)

Pros: one slightly cool kill scene.

Cons: Never pays off, so boring, makes 82 minutes seem like 5 hours.


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