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Phantasm III – 31 Days # 16



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I liked the first Phantasm a lot but had put off the sequels, well for about 10 years, no real reason, I just forgot. So a few months ago I noticed the 2nd one on Netflix and absolutely loved it. So after another free Amazon gift card from a survey site, I decided to pick up the Anchor Bay release of Phantasm 3: Lord of the Dead.

This one again picks up right after the 2nd film, a few minutes after the hearse scene. It very quickly kills off the previous films female lead, was apparently a studio issue with the casting. Again it follows Reggie and Mike, in their hiding from the tall man and then in pursuit, once the Tallman easily captures Mike. There are a few new twists, like the revelation of what the sentry/spheres are and less of the dwarf and grave robbers, than the previous incarnations. It is also not as violent and has a lot more comedic elements in it. I understand how a lot of series fans dislike this one, but for me, it reminded me of 2 films that were released around same time, People Under The Stairs and Army of Darkness, which both made good use of comedic tones and horror elements. Again this film I feel, definitely succeeded. It is just plain fun watch, slightly brainless and clearly sets up the sequel, that was made 4 years later. Again Reggie Bannister was great in this.

Rating: A(85%)

Pros: Some cool gore scenes, Reggie Bannister is great as always as the likeable Reggie, well paced, somewhat brainless in a fun way.

Cons: The kid was annoying and unnecessary, ending was slightly stupid.


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