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The Children: 31 Days # 17


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After something I truly loved, I had a slight high going into a film I let Melissa pick, The Children(2008). I was put off once I saw a phrase that always inspires dread in me, British Horror. I have a bad record with Brit horror, maybe only 1 in 6 I can tolerate, and adding the child based horror element, this was looking like a disaster for me.

The Children is based during the Christmas holidays, when a family with a ton of annoying, obnoxious and downright stupid kids, get together. Somehow one kid is infected with some unexplained virus, and the killing begins. The kids in this were so goddamn annoying, that I was cheering on the adults killing them off, and they did, and in some creative and nicely gory ways. Some glass impalements, a shattered door and being hit by a high speed car, were highlights. Other than that, not really anything new here and the plot holes were way too much for me.

Rating B-(71%)

Pros: Some good kill scenes and decent gore, loved the winter and woods setting, it looked great. Had the balls to kill off kids, which rarely happens.

Cons: Plot holes from hell, very annoying and unlikeable characters abound.


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