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Fright Night(2011) – 31 Days #18



Posted by youtube user haywood86

I liked the original Fright Night a lot, so when I found out that it was remade, I was horrified of the prospects. Then came news of Colin Farrell starring in it, even worse. Last Christmas, I received the 3D Bluray of it and it has sat in my cabinet since then, unopened…til last night.

After a little of battling my 3D Bluray player, and discovering the 3D setting has to be manually turned on, I got this working and finally used the 3D function of my TV and Bluray, I have had them over a year and never have. The 3D in the first half of the movie was pretty good but then it kind of went..umm well flat, and until the end, was a non factor pretty much. The story is pretty much the original’s, vampire moves in next door and no one believes Charlie, but in this one, Jerry is more aggressive and actually makes it known to both the girlfriend and mother, when he attempts to blow their house up. Colin Farrell actually worked in this for me oddly, he looked like he was having fun in this. This movie was pretty good shockingly, there were some cool vampire explosions and it was a little more viscous then the original and was a lot less comedic. I was not a fan of the Peter Vincent character, the wanna be Criss Angel gimmick was lame. But I did enjoy this.

Rating B+(79%)

Pros: A few really good 3D moments, Colin Farrell works well as the vampire, was respectful to the source.

Cons: About halfway thru, the 3D seems to take a backseat, the Peter Vincent character was lame, and Mclovin as a vampire was stupid.


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