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Blood Hook – 31 Days # 19



Posted to Youtube by user tomthenomad

Again I found myself on the official Troma Youtube channel, there are at this point over 200 titles, and skimming through I found another of my need to see list, Blood Hook. So was no second thought, and despite a dying Xbox controller, running out of batteries and the cat had eaten the charger cord, I endured and on it went…and wow….just wow.

Blood Hook follows a group of teenagers and a random family, to a fishing tournament, Muskee Madness, as it happens to be. Along the course of this large festival in rural Wisconsin, a series of murders involving a giant, multi hooked fishing lure and rod occur. People are killed in various fishing ways and is a laughable scene with a group of corpses tied together in the water as if they were a bunch of trout. Thankfully, this movie does not take itself seriously and I definitely appreciated that. This is brainless as it gets but has some very fun elements, the gore is not very well done, but the kill scenes are comical and it was fairly well paced. All in all, I can understand how bad people think it is and why it is poorly rated, but I enjoyed it on a dumb level.

Rating: B+(76%)

Pros: brainless in a good way, an inventive kill method.

Cons: effects are not too good, sometimes kill scenes are off camera, some annoying characters.


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