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The Majorettes – 31 Days # 21



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John Russo and Bill Hinzman, involved in anything except Night of The Living Dead frightens me. So when I finally relented and watched The Majorettes, I was dismayed when they were dominating the opening credits. Shockingly, unlike Midnight, Flesheater, Children of the Living dead etc, this was not terrible.

The Majorettes is kind of schizophrenic in it’s plot, genre and look in general. It is partly a horror / slasher film, action and even comedy, and it slightly suffers from it. There is an unseen person killing off all the members of a Majorette squad, and a perverted janitor taking dirty pics of them, and a biker gang. There are a lot of red herrings and side plots but in the end, the reveal is just weak. There is some alright gore effects, but for me the big plus was the biker gang and their leader, perhaps the best named villain ever – Mace Jackson and his side kick Teela- a man not a woman oddly. There are some Ramboesque moments towards the end, that really don’t fit the rest of the film, but all in all this was not too bad, brainless yet again, as this whole project seems to have been, but kind of fun too.

Rating: B(75%)

Pros: best villain name ever – Mace Jackson, some alright gore here and there, doesn’t drag too badly.

Cons: Some lame side plots, some off camera kills, can’t make it’s mind up in terms of tone and plot.

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