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Psycho 2 – 31 Days # 22



Posted to youtube by Universal entertainment – oddly can also rent from that link for $3.99….wow it’s cheaper here oddly.

I love this time of year, it makes what I love and live everyday not only normal, but also more obtainable. Every other time of year, it’s only on Ebay or Amazon or a few niche stores, that are few and very far between in this city. Hell, this year Spirits even opened an awesome Hallowe’en store at the plaza that my building is built behind, Some very cool animatronic horror items indeed. But moving forward, there is also a lot of horror and Hallowe’en advertising, which led me to re-discover this lost film, that I have wanted to see since early 1990s. A local discount chain Giant Tiger, we call it Giant Pussy- was advertising horror DVDs for $4.99 and the displayed title was Psycho 2, so I made the 20 minute walking trip and was done one better, for only $6.99 was a triple pack, Psycho 2, 3 and 4, all uncut. SOLD

Pretty much every everyone whom reads this or will is familiar with this series, it is iconic. Psycho 2, follows the release of Norman Bates back into the world, since he has now been dubbed as sane again- huh?- . Of course he returns home and the mother psychosis begins again with some slightly predictable results, but then there is a twist.

That twist, I will not spoil, makes for one hell of an interesting film. There is not a whole lot of violence or gore in this, mind you when there is, it is outstanding, but this film had a great plot. This is easily one of the best horror sequels ever, there was not much to complain about, Anthony Perkins is amazing as Norman, and generally I could care less about acting and visuals, I prefer plot and violence and gore to them, but this film has all the above. It’s not flawless, but it is damn close. The nearly 2 hours run time goes very fast, and was edge of your seat for the last 45 minutes or so.

Rating: A+(90%) highest rating on this site ever, so far.

Pros: Anthony Perkins was amazing, the gore scenes are well done, great story line, Norman Bates was very endearing character, good twist and the Meg Tilly nude scene was great.

Cons: really not anything

This is a must see, hope the 2 other sequels in this pack are this at least half as good as this.


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