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Body Bags: 31 Days # 23



Uploaded to youtube by user TobeHooperFan

It’s 1993, and John Carpenter is releasing an anthology film, Tobe Hooper, Sam Raimi, Wes Craven, Greg Nicotero are all involved. It also stars Mark Hamill, Tom Arnold, Stacy Keach, Robert Carradine and fucking Twiggy. How could this go wrong??

Well it goes horridly wrong, first off, the directors and FX people aforementioned, are acting or cameos. Secondly throw in a very generic opening story, a slightly inspired second one and a done to death concept for the third.

Body Bags is narrated by John Carpenter himself, as a kind of loopy Zacharly like host, which works and does not depending on the scenes. The first story is as generic serial killer story as you can get, taking place in Haddonfield- again much like Hallowe’en – and involving a psycho stalking a woman at the gas station she works at. Nothing new at all, and a very lame ending that was reminiscent of the steamroller scene in the first Austin Powers. The second is the best of the lot, Stacy Keach is a man losing his mind over his thinning hair, and eventually getting a hair transplant procedure, with nefarious results. It actually worked and was slightly creative and Stacy Keach was fun to watch. Third story featured Mark Hamill, with a bad fake mustache and trying to sound more masculine with a fake growl to his voice, as a baseball player whom loses his eye to a car accident and is subjected to a new transplant procedure, which shocker, the donor is a murderer and becomes possessed by the eye. The third part has 2 very good eye related gore scenes but falls flat, and Twiggy was annoying as the wife.

Rating: D(55%)

Pros: The second story was pretty good, Stacy Keach was great. The 2 eye scenes in third story were very well done.

Cons: First story is so generic, as is third. So odd casting choices. Should have used great directors to create other 2 stories instead of John Carpenter for all 3.

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