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Trackman – 31 Days # 24


First off, I owe you all an apology, I had watched this on the 24th, but a power surge, just before work on the morning of the 25th, killed my router, so I had no net til this morning. As well I had to have a hospital visit for a bad ass Lymph node infection in my neck, so have to play catch up now.

Moving along, Trackman is a Russian made horror film, released under the what is becoming abysmal, Ghosthouse Underground. It is very much a generic slasher, and follows a bank heist gone wrong. Well the escape plan anyhow. There is little new here, an unknown killer stalks people in a dark subway tunnel- a lot like the equally bad Stag Night – and stupid characters are killed off in generic means. The eye remover tool was kind of cool, but really this was another movie that left me with a so what feeling. It killed 81 minutes sure, but was nothing good or bad about it, another merely mediocre film.

Rating: C-(60%)

Pros: was only $2.49 for the DVD, had some cool previews, the eye remover tool thingy was ok.

Cons: dull, cliched, nothing new here, stupid characters and an ending that was really dumb.


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