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Nightmares – 31 Days # 25



Posted to youtube by user PIMannix

I dislike anthologies in general. I like the concept, but have seen so many. So I have no idea what led me to believe any different with this more obscure one. Again was an exercise in boredom, that lately seems to be haunting me on this endeavor.

Nightmares has four stories, that really have no connection. They range from dull and cliched to ridiculous, to asinine. The 1st story is the old serial killer on the loose and in back seat of the car urban legend, the second, the Bishop of Battle- ugh bad name, this is the anti Mace Jackson, again being the best villain name in ages- which was about an arcade machine, that has nefarious consequences for reaching level 13, the 3rd segment is Lance Henrikson vs the Pick up truck from hell and finally a mythological rat terrorizes a family. There is nothing better than bland here, the 1st story has been so done to death, the arcade scenes in Bishop were cool, but it falls apart fast and drags on too much. The Lance Henrikson story is beyond boring, and the rat effects in the final stanza are too bad to be believed.

Rating D-(51%)

Pros: was awesome to see an old arcade again.

Cons: Boring, cliched stories, not much violence or gore, some stories drag on way too much.


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