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Amityville 3D – 31 Days # 26



Trailer posted to youtube by user Mickeyjuice

Much like anthologies in the last post, I am not a very big fan of ghost films. Plain and simply again, I have seen more bad than good, and they tend to lack violence, which is a major thing for me. Having heard from a few sources that this was alright, and finding it in the $2.49 bin, I figured I would test myself again, yet again I should have gone with what I already know.

First and foremost, this film is guilty of a misnomer. In the title and ending sequences it mentions clearly that it is not a sequel to The Amityville Horror and it’s sequel. Ok, what the hell? Mind you having never seen either one of them, that impacts me very little. It starts out promising enough, A skeptic magazine writer moves into the evil house and a series of evil events and accidents happen. Unfortunately, those events are few and far between. There is way to much nothing going on points. Eventually, an accident leads to an investigative team coming to combat the house and disasterous consequences fall out from it.

The last 15 minutes aren’t too bad, the house goes crazy and using the 2D to 3D conversion on my tv, it looked as good as it could converted, but the lag of the first 40 minutes or so, pretty much killed what could have been a fun film.

Rating: C-(60%)

Pros: last 15 minutes are pretty good, the power of swordfish impales you, I liked the well idea.

Cons: a lot of nothing happens between incidents, and was not a sequel to the series it’s named after.

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