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The Eight Immortals Restaurant- The Untold Story – 31 Days # 27



Trailer posted to youtube by user: omemeister

After another bad choice, I decided to go to my list of Asian cinema to watch, since I seem to always enjoy them. The Eight Immortals Restaurant- The Untold Story, has been on my list for a few years now, so with 4 more days left on this project, why not finally check this out.

Untold Story, is based on a true crime from 1985, involving the murders of 10 people in a Macau restaurant. I won’t say more on that since it spoils some key parts. This follows not only the Killer himself but also a comic relief police team led by the god like Officer Lee. The team is great, they are hysterical, moronic and plain and simply brutal, they dish out beatings on a regular basis to get confessions and solve crimes. Officer Lee always has a different lady on his arm and everyone looks up to him or wants to screw him. The murders are taking place in a Pork bun centered restaurant, and are fairly graphic, there are dismemberments, stabbings, slashings and more here, and it contrasts the comedic tone of the police scenes nicely. When the big revelation, which I wont spoil, appears, it is a gore filled ride. There are some parts that drag and some jokes that aren’t too great, as well as some gore effects that look terrible, but in the end I enjoyed this movie. it’s a sleazy, gory train ride and worth checking out.

Rating A-(80%)

Pros: The reveal scenes are very graphic, the cops are comedic gold, some good gore in parts.

Cons: Drags a little bit in parts, some of the gore effects looked fake, sometimes humor is off.


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