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Killer Workout – 31 Days # 29



Trailer Uploaded to Youtube by User notcoming

This month has been a lot of horror comedies, and once again I found myself drawn to one. I am not sure why this has happened so much, as in general I am more into gore and extremely violent and sadistic films.

Killer Workout aka Aerobicide, was made by David A Prior, whom also made Sledgehammer, which I absolutely loved. It even stars the awesome Ted Prior, his brother, much like Sledgehammer did. Patrons are being killed of randomly at new gym/health spa, and a cop and private investigator are trying to figure it out. There is a fair bit gore scenes and some nudity, but most of this movie is overlong workout scenes, with camera work focusing on the predictable female body parts, which is by no means horrible, but it gets stale after awhile. The gore effects aren’t too bad, some fight scenes are laughable and the motive for it all is kind of stupid. Luckily this film nowhere takes itself seriously and is mindlessly fun.

Rating: B(75&)

Pros: So bad it’s good, Ted Prior is always great in everything he’s in, some slightly creative kill scenes.

Cons: the motive for all of it is really dumb, the workout shots get old quickly.


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