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The Fog – 31 Days # 28



Trailer Posted to Youtube by User SupernaturalEarth

Many sites and people I know consider The Fog a classic, I have heard praises of it for years on end, but until now have never considered it. The whole ghost in fog concept off put me, but in the $2.49 at Zellers was the full release, so figured why not?

The Fog is about, well ummm, a strange fog coming in from a lake and covering various parts of a coastal town, during what happens to be the centennial celebration. People are being killed off by something within the fog, and the town’s true past is revealed.

There was some good atmospheric moments for sure in this, the fog and dark make for some great scenes and the shadowy appearance of the villains is a nice touch. There is not a lot of violence or gore, there is some eye gouging and hook killings and impalements, but not nearly as frequent or as many as other slashers from this time period. The cast is pretty solid 80s actors, a mustacheless Tom Atkins, Jamie Leigh Curtis and her mother and Adrienne Barbeau. In the end, this was an ok movie but I don’t get how some people see this as a classic. It lags a lot, the story is alright and the effects are ok, but it’s really just mediocre as a whole.

Rating: B-(71%)

Pros: the few violence scenes are mostly well done, the atmosphere was good when the fog was present, Tom Atkins is always great in the 80s

Cons: has some pacing issues, was expecting a lot more. Was nothing really outstanding here.


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