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Piranha DD – 31 Days # 30



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I loved the first Piranha remake, it was completely brainless but was very fun, was like a cinematic doritos, I suppose. I had heard about the sequel a few years back, there was even debate that it was scrapped or just a hoax, but sure enough, it was real and was released last year. Now again, in this normal blog canon, I don’t normally review current movies, but I also am not as minimalistic in reviews either, and hell, I really wanted to see this.

There is not a huge amount of plot here, Piranhas are back and have found a way into a waterpark, on it’s opening day and mayhem ensues. There is a fair bit of nudity and gore, some great visuals but also some very poorly done. The David Hasselhoff parts were hilarity, and watch the credits for an awesome vocal performance and fake teaser for a new Hasselhoff project. Everything in this is intentionally over the top, it’s not as much as the previous film but still was damn gratuitous. I loved almost every second of it. Ving Rhames reprises his role from the 1st film and was awesome with his shotgun legged, hydrophobic deputy. And a Gary Busey cameo at the beginning adds to the over the top madness.

Rating: A(86%)
Pros: good amount of gore, good pacing, mindless in a good way

Cons: Some effects look cheaply done, rushes through the Piranhas invading the park, some pointless characters, not as good as it’s predecessor.

* note : altho this is highest rating so far of this month, it is personal opinion only and sure there are better films, this is merely my preferences.


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