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Phantom of the Opera(1989) 31 Days # 31



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Having been forced to work Hallowe’en once again, this time a 4-930pm, I did not get to post this til this morning. I apologize for that.

This movie choice was a dangerous one for me. I have never completed any version of Phantom of the Opera awake. However, in side note, since this was theatrically released in 1989, my bestfriend and I had wanted to see this, the trailer looked violent and he was a huge Robert Englund fan. Although in last few years we have grown apart, I grew up and he had a family but refuses still to be anymore mature than 14 years old, at this point we are 34. So being nostalgic for that and since Hallowe’en always reminds me of those dark, cold country nights, walking miles on end for some candy and him always by my side, I knew this had to be my choice when I found it online.

This variation starts with an accident in the modern world- well at the time was 1989 – and that leads back into the past, where the Phantom story is revealed. Forgive me, for I am ignorant of the complete plot of the original story, and since I am posting this with 15 minutes til I have to be at work, can’t really research it too much. In this incarnation, The Phantom, Erik, has sold his soul to the devil for musical immortality, but was disfigured badly, so no one would ever love him. The Phantom has been searching for someone to be able to bring perfect harmony to his work and finds it in an American prodigy, Christine, whom he coaches from a mirror and shadows, posing as an angel sent by her father. Eventually he becomes obsessed with her, kidnaps her and mayhem ensues….

To start, the first 20 or so minutes of this movie killed me. They were so damn boring, I barely made it through this. However, it quickly redeemed itself. There are some good violent scenes, involving a chain kind of weapon- not sure what it was – a decapitation, and even death by being crushed with a towel in a spa. The Phantom’s self repair of his face is kind of gory, and once the kidnapping occurs, the movie really takes off. It looks very polished and the ending was satisfying. I am shocked but I recommend this. Sure at times the acting is kind of bad, some effects aren’t too great and sometimes kill scenes are off screen, but all in all, I really liked this film.

Rating A-(80%)

Pros: Some good, creative violence, after the first 20 minutes was well paced, some great sets and atmosphere, Robert Englund worked well as the Phantom.

Cons: First 20 minutes are boredom in the purest since, female lead is merely ok


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