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The Garbage man Review



Posted to Youtube by Director himself, Hart Fisher

A quick caveat, before you read this. I admire Hart Fisher. I am a big fan of his Hart attack segments on the WTF cast, and if he is on a cast or video, I’ll definitely check it out. I admire his courage to speak his mind, a rare thing in this day and age for sure, and I share a lot of his views. Also, American Horrors, on Filmon, is awesome, they even ran Class Reunion Massacre last month, which is a personal favorite, it’s worth checking out for sure, and subscription is very reasonable rates. That being said, it could influence how I saw this film.

I picked this up on ebay, it had been in my must see for little while now. One of the special features is an intro by Mr Fisher himself, which is essential viewing, to fully understand this film. During the filming of this, in 1992, was a series of real life and horrific events, that delayed and altered this film, he goes into a lot of depth about them, and explains the influence on this. It’s remarkable that anyone could endure the hardships that occured around the time frame of this being filmed, and the fact that he had not only survived what would have crushed most of us, but eventually recovered and became stronger, is a true testament to the fortitude of this man.

Now, the film itself, focuses on the first portrayal of an African American serial killer and without the gratuitous gore and violence, gives us an eye into what makes him tick. The opening has a bonded woman being viciously beaten, and then follows his everyday life, his job, friends and routines. Eventually he becomes close to a woman neighbouring him, with predictable results. There are parts of this that drag, but you have to keep in mind that this film had an issue with the lead quitting, some prints were damaged, destroyed or held captive, so it’s to be understood. Mr Fisher mentions in the intro a love for Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer, and there is some definite influence for sure. I liked a lot of the motivation for what was happening being revealed for once, so often there never is. The last 10 minutes were the best for me, and the ending was very effective and thought provoking.

Rating: B(75%)

Pros: thought provoking, the violence towards the end looked pretty good, I like the humanization of the character, some effective use of sound in the dinner date scene- kind of fucked with my head for a second, thought I was hearing things-.

Cons: I would have liked more graphic, but budget was likely factor, some sound use was odd, some background characters were annoying.


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