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Bloodeaters 1980 – aka Toxic Zombies Review


Posted to youtube by user AtlasEntertainment

You would think I would have learned by now to do my homework on horror I have never heard of. Chances are, even most obscure titles I have seen or have knowledge of at least. Again though, I ignored my instincts and did not bother to IMDB or ask anyone about this film and once again was burned for it.

Bloodeaters is a 1980s ummm sort of zombie film….Let’s say victims of a chemical spray that has made them cannibalistic. There is not much in the way of a plot here. It reminded me a bit of an inferior I Drink Your Blood or Redneck Zombies, in both look and feel. It also very clearly borrows the theme from Hallowe’en with a violin and some synthasizer added. There is not a lot of gore or violence, many of it happens off screen, and there is nothing new or unique about this. Sure it is far better than the awful Garden of the Dead, but had I not watched this on Youtube, I would be right pissed.

In the end, this is just bland, cliched, standard exercise in 1980s horror. Avoid.

Rating: D(55%)

Pros: Doesn’t drag too badly despite bland plot, opens with some female nudity I guess is a plus. Some of the zombie effects are okish- sort of…ok I am trying to have positives here …..

Cons: Nothing new, rips off Hallowe’n theme, cliched, horrible acting, one actor portrays a mentally challenged character as a moron that makes the cliched voices and actions that would make 10 year old neighbourhood bully proud. Often does not show violence.


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