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Psycho III review



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I have made a large mistake. For years I have watched shitty horror time and time again, but always avoided the Psycho sequels, since I was so jaded, I expected boring or cliched exercises in crap. I was so beyond wrong, Thank god Giant Tiger had the 3 pack on sale and in it’s flyer. Psycho 2 was by far, the best movie I saw in 2012.

Psycho 3- yes using numeric value instead from now on – picks up a month after the 2nd film. It follows the rehabilitated Norman Bates and his constant struggle with his mother issues. This film is a lot more violent than it’s predecessors, has a great throat slash scene and a very comical brawl scene in a hotel room. Again Anthony Perkins is absolutely amazing as Norman, you can’t help but feel bad for the guy, despite his actions. This was very fun, well paced and
even had a sense of humor about it. The last 10 minutes or so are great and the ending was very satisfying.

Don’t be like me, give this series a chance, if you haven’t already. A definite pleasant surprise.

Rating: A-(80%)

Pros: threw in some humor, Anthony Perkins was great again, some good gore effects, well paced.

Cons: DVD has no special features minus trailer, not really much in the way of attractive ladies- but this is a nit pick.


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