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Pumpkinhead Review



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I have been procrastinating viewing this film for many, many years. Finally, the perfect combination of sub zero temperatures, a day off and it having been added to Netflix, reminded me of it.

There seems to be a general consensus that this movie is not very good, sub par even. This is part of the reason I have avoided it. That being said, I had extremely low expectations for it. Which were wrong.

This is actually pretty good. It is your standard revenge based horror, that is combined with the creature feature elements, which actually made for an atmospheric, slightly cheesy, but enjoyable film. After a dirt bike accident claims the life of his young son, Lance Henrikson consults a blind witch to resurrect him, but since this is out of her ability set, instead settles for revenge, which comes in the form of the resurrected titular demon. Sure there is not a lot of originality here, but the formula works well enough, there is a very cool impalement scene, and the atmosphere here reminded me a lot of the creature features from the 1930s-1950s. I can see why a lot of people would not like this, but if you do enjoy the older style, you should like this.

Rating: B(75%)

Pros: The impalement scene was cool, the atmospheric feel was a nice reminder of things long past, Lance Henrikson was decent as always, in this.

Cons: Could use more gore, sometimes the demon effect looks pretty cheap, some very annoying characters.


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