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The Stepfather (1987) Review



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Films like this, are the reason this blog was created. Often I have fallen victim to deceptive advertising and trailers, or just plain old hype and ended up beating my head off the wall for buying some misrepresented crap.

When this was released, as well as it’s sequels, it was packaged and marketed as a straight up slasher movie. Not sure on the sequels, but this is by no means a slasher, it’s not even really a horror movie, more like an uninspired thriller. Kind of a Hey Fatal Attraction was a hit, let’s change the formula a little and make it a step dad.

Stepfather opens with the aftermath of a previous family scheme/slaughter that the titular character has just completed. He is shown nonchalantly changing clothes, eye color with contacts, and shaving his sweet sweet creeper beard. No, the slaughter is not shown, only some glimpses of bloody walls and a couple of bodies are shown. From there it fast forwards to his newest victim, a single mother and her bratty kid, not sure what was so bad about the kid that she got expelled from school, but apparently she is all hardcore. From there is your standard thriller formula, there is also a back story involving a relation of the previous family, but in the end, he has basically no point other than to fill run time. The stepfather character himself is not too bad, but there are clear Norman Bates traits being ripped off. There is some gore and violence towards the end, but nothing outstanding. All in all this is not a horrible film, it’s just being hyped as something it is not and it does suffer for.

Rating C(60%)

Pros: the titular character was not terrible, it seemed like a short 85 minutes, was free on Youtube.

Cons: was not what the posters from the 80s had made it out to be, the secondary main character was completely pointless, was very little originality.

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