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The Silent Scream- 1979- Review




A quick caveat. Watching this I was both suffering from the flu and some sort of either pulled muscle or something inflamed in my lower right side, so the combination of flu medication, low end pain killers and being in a general bad mood for losing a days work and more than $150 may impact this review a bit. With that being said, lets begin….

Yvonne Decarlo has a minor role in this, aka Lily Munster, but otherwise is a basically unknown cast. This film is an early 80s slasher, and predates Friday the 13th, however owes a lot to Psycho. It is your standard dead teenager movie, with a lot of gaps between any kind of action. The characters are fairly cliched and mostly unlikeable, however are not as brutal as some more recent horror achtypes. This film has some large pacing issues and I found myself struggling to keep it running.

The storyline itself, revolves around a coastal boarding house, run by a strange highschool student and his eccentric mother. Characters are dispatched via kitchen knife, in a manner very similar to Psycho…alright I am being kind, the exact same way. The reveal of the killer’s identity is no shock, and is again par for the course. In the end this is a shockingly unviolent film, with the 3 slashings/stabbings being slightly out of frame and no gore, and some shootings, with only some stage blood at best. Another side note, was that some dialogue was missing on my copy, the son during his rebellion was giving some speech but the sound cut out, as it did during shooting in the climax. This was a part of a Mill Creek 50 pack, so I get what I paid for. The climatic scene includes excellent usage of a wooden door to prevent a stabbing. There is no pay off and a lot of lag to get through to an uneventful standard finale.

RATING: D(55%)

PROS: the atmosphere is alright, some great coastal scenery.

CONS: Predictable story line, cliched, some severe lagging issues, borrows from far better movies.


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