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Identity Review




Again I find myself still very ill and maybe once again this could slightly impact this review.

First and foremost, I know this is out of my range. I cannot claim to be an expert of post year 2000 horror films and honestly, I am not much of a fan. Albeit, I’m also not a Josh Hadley either, and will hate something without giving it a chance, based soley on year it was made. That being said, let’s begin.

I saw the trailer for this in the theater way back in 2003, I believe it was attached to the Platinum Dunes Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and I was immediately impressed and it became a must see. For some reason, I have over looked this movie several times, both in the Video store in the lobby of my apartment building or on Netflix, but tonight something struck me to watch it…on Netflix of course.

Identity is marketed as a horror film and has some elements of it, but once again, much like Stepfather a few days back, it is not. It is your standard Agatha Christie style thriller, with a slight twist at the climax, and a I big supposed shock ending, which I saw coming in the 1st few minutes. Admittedly, the climax/ twist was not predictable but the big reveal at the end itself, was very obvious.

Moving along, all pretentiousness now out of me, The story involves a massive storm trapping 10 people within a dingy motel in the middle of nowhere. There are some accidents and then murders and it unravels from there. I will not give away the ending nor the twist, the twist is not a huge one but is slightly unique and was part of the saving point of a dull movie in the end. All murders are done off screen, save a shooting scene, there is a lot of cliched atmospheric moments from both the horror genre and it’s own genre, thrillers/mystery. In the end I was more bored than not, it was not a horrible film, but was not to my taste.

If you like thrillers, or Agatha Christie style stories, this should be a good film for you, it does have some thought provocation, but in the end for me, was merely alright, nothing different or outstanding. If you are looking for violence, gore or horror, move on.

RATING: C(65%)

PROS: I liked the motel setting, was very nostalgic, the acting was good enough, the twist was alright.

CONS: the ending was predictable for me, was too much time with nothing going on besides characters bickering, all violence was off screen, was put out to be something it was not.


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