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Flesh Eating Mothers Review




Horror comedies are a real mixed bag, especially in the 80s. In general I have a bad history with them, so was really reluctant to watch this film. However I found it free on the net, and the title drew me in….but I must remind myself samething happened with the similarly themed Rabid Grannies, which I despised. So could this be the good female cannibalistic relation film of my dreams?

Apparently VD causes cannibalism. Or so we are led to believe with the premise of this film. A lecherous neighbor is having affairs with all the neighborhood lonely housewives and is unwittingly spreading this strain of super VD, which causes the titular condition. The afflicted mothers first begin binge eating and then turn their binge to their offspring, with some gory results. There are arm eatings, face biting and other general cannibalistic carnage, but it’s done to varying degrees and often off camera. Some effects are alright but most look fake or overly plastic. The comedy in this film fares no better, it’s mostly mother related puns or cliches, nothing terribly funny and an animated scene of the virus is beyond dumb. It’s real draw is the title, and sure I was expecting bad, but this was really more dull than anything. I can really appreciate a so bad it’s good film, but this is sadly not close.

RATING: C-(61%)

Pros: some gore is not badly done, killed 90+ mins nicely

Cons: Not funny at any point, lame animated sequence, often violence is off screen and some props like horribly fake. Was about 10 -15 mins too long for it’s plot, cliched ending.


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