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Born for Hell aka Naked Massacre Review



Posted to Youtube by Mill Creek entertainment


My version is the Mill creek release, under Naked Massacre, it was part of the 50 chiller pack, this film is also apparently in public domain.

 The title is a bit of a misnomer, there is little of both nudity and violence.  It is very clearly inspired by Richard Speck, even references it towards the end but has been relocated to Belfast Ireland, during the IRA attacks.  The main character,  Cain, is an AWOL Vietnam vet, that seems normal enough at first but is quickly revealed to be a very damaged misogynist, and becomes enamored with a nursing student residing in a sorority house.  He takes the home hostage and forces the ladies into various sexual degradation acts, but nothing too extreme.  For the squeamish, they maybe a little intense but it’s nothing too graphic.  There is not much in the way of gore and most of the violence occurs off screen, but it really drew me in.  It was awesome in an evil, visceral kind of way, was fully entertaining and although was by now means outstanding, was a well paced, grimy, bleak little film, far better than a lot of wider releases, this does not deserve to be public domain.  By no means a classic, but a better than average 70’s horror.

RATING:  B(75%)

PROS: Has a great bleak, grimy grindhouse style look to it, interesting lead character, some decent nudity, kept me entertained entire time.

CONS:  was shockingly unviolent and was not much nudity for a movie with naked in the title, was basically no gore. weak ending


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