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Silent Night, Deadly Night 2 Review



uploaded to youtube by User TrailerFood

This is another of those so bad, it’s an internet meme films. I have seen the bulk of the series, however for whatever reason never this sequel nor the 5th sort of/ well in name only of the series. But when Anchor Bay re-released the Silent Night, Deadly Night 2 pack, I had to have it.

The bulk of this film is the 1st film condensed. Much like the Hills Have Eyes 2. If you have seen the 1st film, it’s kind of annoying, and it takes up about 40+ minutes of the 88 minutes is the original footage. The story is told in flashback, with the younger brother of the original Santa character, now in an asylum, recanting his brother’s and then his own story. There is some good gore, mostly of course in the original film footage, the new new film mostly revolves around a meltdown and Ricky shooting up a busy suburb. This film is best know for the garbage day scene, many youtube videos and memes
are inspired by this. Other than beyond over the top acting, there is not a whole lot here. In the end, I enjoyed this as a so bad it’s good movie, was definitely a non stop laugh, would be a great drinking movie.

RATING: B(72%)

PROS: Some good gore, the over the top acting is hysterical moves very fast.

CONS: Nothing new here, the footage from the previous film gets annoying after awhile, the new footage feels rushed.


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