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The Exorcist III: Legion Review



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I am not a supernatural horror fan per se. I do have a huge fondness for the 1930s and 1940s horror, which is predominately supernatural, however with the exception of some William Castle films, that it the extent of the sub genre I can stand. The ghost, demon and psychic themes bore me mostly, maybe since I am not religious. Although every now and then I am pleasantly surprised.

I liked the Exorcist well enough, and the first sequel was a good film, it was a so bad it’s good case, but was not a good exorcist film , it totally did not fit the series. I was very apprehensive about the 3rd film, however it was continually mentioned in podcasts’ blogs and vlogs I frequent, so I ordered it on Amazon, after a recommendation on Radiodrome.

The Exorcist III: Legion, is the real direct sequel to the Exorcist. It follows a string of gruesome murders, which carry the same M.o. of an executed ritualistic killer. George C Scott plays Bill, the head cop on the case, whom also shares a connection to the reason things are going on.

There is very little violence or action in general in this film, it is very dialogue heavy, that being said, it is saved from dulldrum by some very strong visuals and atmosphere. There are some great, gruesome imagery, and religious symbolism, that nicely held my interest. My main complaint is this film seems about 20 minutes too long. In the end, it was not near the fun of the 2nd film in the series, but was a decent sequel to the original, which I actually enjoyed more than the initial film. By no means amazing but a solid thriller, with strong atmosphere.

RATING: B+(76%)

PROS: George C Scott was amazingly over the top in a good way, some great atmosphere, the limited gore effects were great.

CONS: a little too long, some may find it a little too dialogue oriented.

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