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Wild Zero Review



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I wanted to watch some asian horror, and my first choice was Ebola Syndrome, but the version posted on Youtube would not buffer properly, so could only watch about 7 minutes. So I gave up on that and added it to my ebay watchlist, will buy tomorrow, and found my second choice online, Wild Zero.

This is another film I have procrastinated a lot. Since early 2000s it has been on my must see list, but I always have forgotten it. It seems to be tailor made for me. I love punk, rockabilly and psychobilly music, gore and zombies, all of which this is bursting with.

Wild Zero is about a meteor storm causing a zombie outbreak and mankind’s last hope is the Japanese equivalent of The Ramones, Guitar Wolf, whom not only sound and dress like the Ramones but slightly resemble them. Guitar Wolf seems to have various mystical abilities beyond their awesome powers of Rock N Roll, and utilize these to destroy aliens, zombies and an evil promoter. They are also very dedicated to their fans, and are a summon of sorts to Ace, a fan that inadvertantly helped them during a standoff and became rock and roll blood brothers with guitar wolf himself – so the lead is Guitar wolf, then there is Bass Wolf and Drum wolf, yet collectively they are known as guitar wolf? – Ace finds himself in various incidents are peril, do to being both really accident prone and stupid, and summons them during a zombie invasion….

This movie is a little thin on plot, but heavy on comedy, over the top characters and violence and gore, which are shifted between practical and bad early CGI effects. Added to this is a heavy Japanese Punk and psychobilly score, which makes for a fast paced, totally mindless film. It’s bad but in a very good way. I found it in the end, a good waste of time, the over the topness of it all, made me smile and was all around enjoyable.

Rating: B+(76%)

PROS: Wonderfully over the top characters, great sound track, some good practical effect violence, brainless fun.

CONS: Storyline is a little thin, there is no particular reason for aliens and zombies invasion, no back story on Guitar Wolf and why they have these mystical powers, some very bad looking CGI effects.


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