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Ebola Syndrome Review


I have had a horrid week, have either injured my abdominal muscles or have a hernia or liver issue, so have been in agony all week. That being said, I have been behind in posts and instead of watching this and then reviewing it, I have put it off for a few days, since even sitting at the computer is agonizing. So moving forward, this review is solely based on my memory of it, which is not always the greatest.

Ebola Syndrome is a horror comedy, made by the same director as Untold Story, which was reviewed during the 31 days I had done in October. Again, we are treated to a gory, comical film. The storyline follows Kai, a rather pathetic character, whom has an issue keeping his dick in his pants, especially with the wrong women. The opening sequences are relatively graphic, when Kai’s boss returns home and finds Kai fooling around with his wife. The boss is extremely sadistic and a completely boneheaded decision causes Kai to get the upper hand, and show that he is in fact even more so. From there it jumps ahead ten years to South Africa, and Kai, now working in a restaurant, ends up getting ebola by raping a dying tribal woman. From there, Kai ends up killing his new boss, and inadvertantly spreading ebola, before returning to Hong Kong and wreaking havoc there.

Ebola Syndrome has a nice, dark sense of humor, that I really enjoyed. There is a fair bit of gore, but most violence is done off camera or slightly out of frame and only after effects are shown. Kai is one of the most repugnant film characters ever, he is dirty, slutty and sadistic, as well as just plain stupid and weak, but he is fun to watch. Most of the secondary characters are alright and the story moves relatively fast until the return to Hong Kong. About 10 minutes of the final act drag, but otherwise this is a decent film. It’s nowhere near as gory as people let it out to be, but I still really liked it.

RATING: B(74%)

PROS: Some decent gore effects, was humorous enough, main character was effective, some decent Asian lady nudity.

CONS: About 10 minutes of the last act seemed to go on forever with nothing happening, most violence is out of frame or off camera, slightly weak ending.

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