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Twisted Nightmare



Uploaded to Youtube by user horrorfictionmovies9
Trailer is fan made, seems to be no official one.

Twisted Nightmare was shot on the same set as Friday the 13th Part 3 within the same time frame, however was not released until 1987 for unknown reasons, likely financing. It’s a fairly standard 1980s slasher with a super natural element, and features some really bad acting, nowhere near the level of A night to dismember but the same basic idea.

This movie reminds me a bit of a combination of Class Reunion Massacre and Don’t Go in The Woods. The killer was very similar to the Don’t Go in the Woods one, actually but with a supernatural background sort of. The story is pretty much par for the course. People are randomly lured back to a campsite where years before a tragic accident had happened, and predictable carnage occurs. There is some good gore, but most violence occurs off screen or the lighting is so poor, you can barely see anything at all. As forementioned, the acting is beyond bad, 2 actors never even change their facial expressions or emote in anyway. That being said, the Pornstache husband and the Asian on steriods characters were great, they were also the 2 worst acted parts. Was a lot of nudity in this.

In the end, it is what it is, by no means a classic film, but was very entertaining in the so bad it’s good way. Definitely a beers or other substances and watch film. Don’t expect anything original or well done but worthwhile in the same sense.

RATING: B(72%)

PROS: The gore effects that are visible or shown are decent, a decapitation scene was good, over the top bad acting, loved the pornstache guy and Asian on steroids.

CONS: Lighting issues, main character is annoying, ending was very predictable.


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