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Rock ‘n’ Roll Nightmare Review


No Trailer available, only scenes from the ending, oddly.

After noticing the Lords Of Salem trailer seemed to be borrowing elements of Black Roses and Trick or Treat, I was reminded of another Rock N Roll horror film from the 80s, but in this case, one I have never seen. So with no idea of what I was walking into, I threw this on.

This movie is fairly incoherent, changing from a demonic possession movie, to slasher, to small creature running amok, then back to demonic possession again. The plot follows a hair metal band taking a sabatical in a rural part of Ontario, just outside of Toronto, to try to write and record some new material for their upcoming album and tour. There is a fair bit of simulated sexual content, some nudity and off screen killing but nothing really stood out…..that is until the last 15 minutes. Then things go batshit crazy. I will not spoil it, but even though it’s mostly boring, this is worth a look for the ending. It has to be seen to believe. Was absolutely fucking hysterical. An odd note, is that the lead character shares the same name as John Cena’s character, in the similarly abysmal The Marine – John Triton. and then throw in the *cough* cleverly named Roger Eburt and that’s about the extent of the entertainment in this.

RATING: C-(60%)

PROS: One scene involving a hand coming out of someone was alright. The ending 15 minutes or so are horribly bad, they are good in a laughable sense.

CONS: A Lot of time passes with nothing going on, about 3/4s of the violence in this film is offscreen, can’t seem to make up it’s mind on what the plot exactly is in places.


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