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Cut and Run Review



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After thoroughly enjoying Cannibal Holocaust, I found myself in search of Ruggero Deodato’s other work. So far has been a mixed bag, Jungle Holocaust was pretty dull, and the R rated cut version of House on the Edge of the Park, was merely mediocre, I guess. So I was having very low expectations for Cut and Run, but it has Micheal Berryman in some form of villain role, so how bad can it be?

Cut and Run is kind of a hybrid movie, blending action elements and horror. It follows a reporter team, trying to locate a survivor of the Jonestown massacre, that just happens to be their bosses’ son. Whom is played by Willie Aames- aka Buddy from Charles in Charge and the laughable Bibleman-. They stumble upon a righthand man of Jones’s whom has taken up his cause once more, as well as declaring war on rival drug factions, and this is where the violence comes in. And there is quite a bit. There are impalements, stabbings, even someone torn in half, legs wise. The effects for the most part are pretty good, some even amazing. Micheal Berryman plays a nameless, explanation free, seemingly super human killer, that can randomly spring from underwater at you, can jump 15 or so feet high on to buildings and seems invulnerable, well until his lame death scene. In general, the plot in this movie is pretty thin. However, it kills that with copious nudity, violence and gore nicely, and has a decent pace over all.

Rating: B (75%)

PROS: Some great Amazonian scenery, some really good gore effects, very violent.

CONS: Willie Aames is annoyingly whiny in this. Plot is a little thin, the ending is very weak.


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