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Nightmare Alley Review



Posted to youtube by user UltraGore4Life

Netflix Canada is really still in a sad state. It’s barely updated and when it is lately, is mostly Bollywood dreck, or Asylum made nonsense, or bad low budget comedies. Even worse is the horror selection, which at best is maybe 45 films, the majority are Asylum or no budget euro horror. But since I for whatever reason, still subscribe to it, I was flipping through it and found something slightly intriguing…Nightmare Alley.

Now I have said this before, I generally do not care for anthologies, which this is, much in the style of Tales from the Crypt, but also reminded me a lot of Tales from the Quadead Zone. The stories here are very short, some range from around 7 minutes to maybe at the longest 15 minutes. It is narrated by the most generic horror host of all time, that was completely unlikeable, hell annoying really.

The stories themselves, mostly cliched, range from Zombies in the Old west, which lasted maybe 7 minutes tops, to an unfaithful wife and her unique way of disposing of her murdered husband. The final act was the best, with an undead jack the ripper causing mayhem in modern times. In the end, this is one of those so bad, it’s good films, I actually was very entertained by it in that sense. It’s short, well paced for sure and does not take itself seriously. Has some violent spots, most effects aren’t so great but in the end, this is one of the few anthologies I actually liked. Not for everyone for sure, but for those of you whom like the so bad it’s good, worth a watch

RATING: B(74%)

PROS: Well paced, some variety to the individual parts, the Jack the ripper finale was fun.

CONS: some gore effects are really poorly done, the 1st story ends way too fast, one part even has a onscreen text only ending.


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