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Terror on Tape Review


Another one with no trailer, but not shocked due to nature of it.

I know this is in reality a promo video essentially for Continental Video’s horror releases, however, I actually like most compilations, Horrible Horror comes to mind and it was great and even the more mainstream Boogeymen: the killer compilation was pretty good. They work well with limited attention span and cut out the boring shit. This one was no exception.

Terror on Tape features a fairly generic horror host, whom runs a haunted kind of video store and features 3 main vignettes, which nicely set up the clips and progress them along well. They are mostly gore scenes, from films I have already seen, featured films include, The Deadly Spawn, Nightmare City, 2000 Maniacs, Blood Feast and Nightmare in a Damaged Brain to name a few. It reminded me a lot of the whole video store experience of my youth, which sadly kids today will not experience, with the videos or promo tapes playing in the bag, as you picked through the walls and walls of titles and that smell of freshly popped free popcorn….man I wish I could go back there again for a few minutes. So definitely nostalgia gives my bias in this review. But in reality, it is well paced, highlights a few more obscure films and the last vignette sequences in particular, were really over the top in cheesy goodness. If you like gore, are nostalgic for a few minutes of the old video store memories or are just looking even for some new films to watch, give this a look. There is as of now no dvd release of this, but it is easily found on Youtube.

RATING: A-(80%)

PROS: Some good vignettes to tie it together, some great clips from some decent films, gory and very nostalgic.

CONS: A little limited in the films it shows clips from and a nit pick on my part, I have seen about 9/10s of the films featured.


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